Thursday, November 24 2022

Businesses looking for employees and those looking for work can find help through the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Council.

Carmela Giliberto, business services representative for the council’s business services team, spoke at a Zoom luncheon for the Highlands Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, January 25.

Giliberto previously worked in corporate banking and as an independent entrepreneur.

The relationship between companies and employees is very important and the council works hard to meet the needs of each group, she said. Companies have hiring needs and job seekers want to be hired and counseling can facilitate this relationship.

“What a beautiful wedding this is,” Giliberto said.

The Workforce Development Board, whose building is adjacent to Inland Center Mall, provides job training funds to help employers with the high cost of employee training. Workers must be employed 32 hours per week.

The council will reimburse your company for the first three months of training a new employee, Giliberto said.

If the employee earns $15 per hour, the company will receive 50% of the salary, or $7.50 per hour.

They must be registered with CalJobs and request training information and assistance with hiring needs.

“When you hire someone, there has to be training,” she said.

Keven Eldridge, business services supervisor for the county’s Workforce Development Department, said many job seekers had jobs in declining industries,

Businesses can receive help with layoff prevention services such as interviews by the Department of Employment Development on how to apply for unemployment, and get help from financial advisers.

Companies are paying a lot more for jobs than 10 or 20 years ago.

“It’s the best time to go to work,” he said.

The council also publishes job vacancies and selects candidates.

About 37,403 people signed up for CalJobs over the past 12 months in San Bernardino County.

The council helps with recruitment by assisting local businesses at job fairs.

At the High Desert Job Fair, there were 69 employers and 1,080 job seekers. The West Valley Job Fair had 93 employers and 449 job seekers. The East Valley Job Fair had 66 employers and 774 job seekers.

COVID-19 has changed the way the department has done business, so job fairs are preferably held once a month.

Companies also have access to a human resources hotline at (877) 282-3763.

Giliberto said the council works with CalJobs, E-blast and other social media to alert job seekers to opportunities.

The San Bernardino County Workforce Development Department is a public-private board appointed by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

Giliberto graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with a Bachelor of Arts in Business, with a concentration in Marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

She worked as a personal banker for Wells Fargo, then specialized in the payment industry as a business consultant for Bank of America.

She was also an entrepreneur, working as an independent merchant services broker and now with the workforce development department.

To reach Giliberto, contact (909) 382-0452 or [email protected]


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