Monday, December 5 2022

TOWSON, MD — The Double T Diner in White Marsh was fined $250 Monday for serving alcohol to an underage customer.

“It was an unfortunate situation that happened,” attorney Arnold Jablon said on behalf of Double. “It was a mistake.”

Two police officers came to eat at the restaurant in the 10700 block of Pulaski Highway and were accompanied by a cadet, Jablon told the Baltimore County Liquor Board in Towson.

The officers were longtime customers, Jablon said. A cadet who joined them ordered a glass of wine and was served, he said.

“Unfortunately, he was not asked for his ID card,” Jablon said. “The staff know they have to verify their identity,” he added, noting: “The waitress has been notified.”

According to the restaurant’s attorney, this was a first for the Double T White Marsh.

“This happens to be the very first offense this restaurant has committed in 27 years. [liquor] license,” Jablon said. “There’s never been a problem before.”

Baltimore County Liquor Board Chair Susan Green said there appeared to be a reported violation in 1996, but it was dismissed.

“We’re going to treat this as a first offense,” Green said. Finding a violation, the board fined Double T White Marsh $250 for serving a minor.


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