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Quick payday loan in California

When You need $255 loan you should consider that GreenDayOnline application process is fast. GreenDayOnline procedure for applying is quick. Very quick. It only 5 minutes, and receiving a response is more rapid. Our instant decision can be seen within seconds. This is how quick our loan decision in real time:

With GreenDayOnline you don’t have to wait for loan approval. If you’re approved, you’ll know in a matter of minutes.

The best part is that if the loan is granted, you don’t need to wait for long to receive your money.GreenDayOnline is now offering immediate payday loans.Anyone who is approved and has an active debit card that is on file will receive fast immediate funds.Your cash could be in your account to your bank account in 30 minutes or less.

If you do not have a valid debit card it’s fine. The funds will be available on the next day. The exact date of depositing will depend on the bank you use, however most customers receive their money by 10 AM.

With a swift loan decision, no credit check and quick money, what do have to risk?

There is no credit check required to get the online loan for payday in California

Credit not available?Credit problems?Poor credit?It’s no problem.GreenDayOnline is aware that our customers want quick and safe cash, without the hassle of a credit report.

If we don’t use a credit score to determine whether a person is eligible to get a loan, what do lenders look for to determine if they’re able to approve the payday loan in California?The answer, both short and long is that every lender has various methods to determine what constitutes an approval of their business However, there are general guidelines that apply across all lenders . They are available in the following list.The applicants must have a valid bank account under their name that has been open and has been active for at least 30 days. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. The address of the applicant has to be the location in which we are authorized to operate.

Why choosing a licensed California direct lender is vital

A direct lender licensed by the state of California to get a payday loan online within California is the best option.What’s the reason?Two words Personal security.Direct lenders with state-licenses such as GreenDayOnline provide the loan from the moment you apply to the repayment.This means that the information you provide on your application remains at one place.The most basic term for direct lending would be “transfer of money from an creditor to the borrower who is the most prestigious.”For context, let’s look at it by way of an example: a person fills out and submits a payday loan application on They are then accepted and then received by GreenDayOnline within a single business day, and when the loan is due, they pay through their online account.

Are you able to see the connection? Every aspect that is involved in the process of loaning managed by GreenDayOnline. If you require assistance can call 888-942-3320 to chat with an online GreenDayOnline representative. We are here to help you through every step of your process.

What is this imply to you the lender? First, you’re working with a single company. When you apply for an indirect loan, it means that your information will be sent to a set of lenders with the potential to earn your business. It sounds wonderful however for the applicant it could mean that they are likely to be receiving lots of, and we’re talking about lots of messages from lenders who offer their services. While it may seem like you could be able to get more money, it doesn’t guarantee approval, and could also carry the risk of your personal information falling into the hands of an untrusted company.

Direct lenders are essential since they are held to stricter compliance standards both at the federal and state levels. Certain loan providers may advertise loans of up to 1500 dollars in California. This isn’t true. According to the California state law it is against the law for payday loans to exceed $300 , including any applicable charges.

Lenders who claim to provide more than $300 in the State of California might be marketing incorrect or false details, typically using bait and switch tactics. They could be promoting the amount of loans they are able to offer in other states than California and with different restrictions on loans. They may also not be an authorized state-licensed payday loan service.

How to recognize legitimate lenders licensed by the state of California

The California government advises that you ensure whether the payday lender you choose to use is licensed by the state. There are several ways to verify the status of the license of the lender. It is possible to use the free tools to check license status or check in person with the payday loan company.

  • The California government offers a no-cost tool that can determine if the payday lender is licensed with an active and valid state-license.
  • Legitimate lenders licensed by the state want to showcase their legitimacy by putting their information in the forefront of their websites.
  • You are likely to be able call the customer service number and get a valid state-license number.

A state-licensed direct lender in California to get your online payday loan is the ideal choice for the smart buyer.

California payday lending rates & terms

California Prices and Conditions

GreenDayOnline is a licensed short-term lending institution in the state of California.

The governing Law in California

The loan contract is governed by applicable laws.

Max Loan Amount

The maximum amount of loan for California residents is $255.00.

Prices and Costs

The cost of your loan will be $17.65 for each $100 you borrow.

Lengths of Loans

Typically, your loan is due the day after the day you get paid, which is within 7 to 31 days. In the event that your dates for pay are out of these times then your loan is due in 31 days.

pay off

As per California law the loan must have to be fully paid by when due. Requests for early payoff are due at 6:00 pm Pacific time on the day before the due date.

Other Information

GreenDayOnline does not have the right to pursue a legal process of a criminal against a consumer to recover money from any deferred deposit. California law only permits every consumer to get only one loan with GreenDayOnline at one time.


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