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Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) has no magic year. The DIS share fell by 22.39%. But more pain will come. Some investors believe the time is right to buy DIS stock. However, some signs suggest that the stock will fall further before hitting a bottom.

In response to The Walt Disney Company’s decision to denounce the state’s anti-LGBT law, Florida Republicans make a bill for a specific tax district target Disney itself. The Florida House voted 68-38 to pass legislation that would have ended all special tax districts created before 1968.

Founded in 1967, Reedy Creek enabled The Walt Disney Company to expand its power in the state of Florida. It assumed many responsibilities that would normally be assigned to a local government. The Company provides utilities, emergency services and more for its Florida properties.

Reedy Creek allowed Disney to come in and establish itself as Florida’s largest private employer. This in turn led to Disney becoming one of the largest employers in the state.

DIS investors will also find the latest Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) number of participants a shock to the system. Netflix has been a dominant force in the TV streaming industry for almost a decade. However, it reported a drop of 200,000 in the first quarter. Disney is investing billions in streaming. So a slowdown for the industry leader isn’t good news.

DIS shares will be held (for the time being).

DIS stock was able to increase its revenue and earnings per share by expanding into new markets such as theme parks, cruise lines, and direct media services. The company also plans to increase its focus on digital media distribution in the coming years, as it believes this will be more profitable over the long term than traditional distribution methods.

Disney’s sources of income are diverse. This includes films (both animated and live-action), television programs, video games, publishing (books), consumer products such as toys and clothing, theme parks such as Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World Resort Orlando, digital media such as ESPN+, ABC Studios- proprietary Freeform- Network.

However, the latest developments will weigh on the DIS share in the short term. Therefore, this is not the best time to invest in them.

The company is gearing up for several high-profile releases in the coming months. They are sure to draw a lot of attention. Thanks to attractions like “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” and “Avengers Campus”, International visitors to the Company’s flagship resorts in Orlando and California will increase. New parks are also opening around the world.

You can also expect another avatar this year and sequels for Dr. Strange Thor and probably also another Black Panther movie. Therefore, DIS stock will shrug off the negative momentum. But don’t expect all of this to happen overnight.

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