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Social Investment Network’s Quarterly Survey Finds International Conflicts, Inflation Top Investor Concerns

  • Only one in three Americans feel confident in the US economy
  • 55% of US investors see inflation as the biggest external risk to investing
  • 54% of investors have not repositioned their portfolios to protect themselves from external risks

HOBOKEN, NJ, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — U.S. investors feel less confident in the global and U.S. economies, but are staying the course on their investment strategy, according to the social investment network’s Q2 Retail Investor Beat, eToro,

Falling confidence in the US economy

About one in three respondents (35%) said they were confident in the US economy, up from 45% in the previous quarter. When it comes to the global economy, 24% of respondents say they are confident, up from 36% in the previous quarter.

eToro investment analyst in the United States, Callie Coxcomments: “The world is in shock at the scale of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. While we try to deal with it from an emotional perspective, there are also many layers to what happens from an investment perspective. The situation is fueling higher inflation, greater market uncertainty and declining confidence in the US and global economies.”

Investors remain confident even in the face of external risks

Fifty-five percent of investors believe inflation will be the biggest external risk to their investments over the next three months. The tragic events unfolding in Ukraine. Nearly half (45%) of investors see international conflicts as the biggest external risk to investing over the next three months, a big jump from just 18% in the previous quarter.

As economic uncertainty creates a challenging environment for investors, 66% of respondents say they still feel confident in their investments, with 54% of investors noting that they haven’t repositioned their portfolios to protect against external risks.

eToro investment analyst in the United States, Callie Coxcomments: “Investors do exactly what they’re supposed to do in times of volatility. Our data shows that investors are getting smarter and less reactive to headlines. They invest with long-term goals in mind and stay the course even in tough times. times of uncertainty.”

Perspectives on Crypto and Equity Investing

Although economic uncertainty may create a difficult environment for investors, over the next 12 months, one in three investors (31%) say they expect to invest After money. Investors are also becoming more comfortable with crypto. Over the next 12 months, 31% of respondents say they plan to invest in crypto assets (e.g. bitcoin, ether), up from just 18% six months ago. Even baby boomers are warming up to the idea of ​​investing in crypto: 11% of people aged 55 and over say they plan to invest in crypto in the coming year.

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Notes to Editors

Survey conducted by Opinium from 10 to March 23, 2022. A total of 8,500 retail investors sampled in 12 countries, 1,000 in each: UK, US, Germany, France, Australia. 500 in the following: Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Romania and the Czech republic. Retail investors were defined as self-directed or advised and required to hold at least one investment product, including stocks, bonds, funds, investment ISAs or equivalent. They didn’t need to be eToro users.

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