Thursday, August 11 2022

(Redesigns with more quotes from Lindner)

BERLIN, October 20 (Reuters) – German Free Democrat leader Christian Lindner, often referred to as the government’s next finance minister, said on Wednesday that there should be no change of course at the Bundesbank with the departure of the president Jens Weidmann.

“A change at the top of the Bundesbank cannot be linked to a change of political course,” Lindner said in Berlin after Weidmann’s announcement that he would step down as chairman of the German central bank at the end of the year. year.

“The Bundesbank must continue to advocate for a stability-oriented monetary policy in Europe,” added Lindner, without saying who he wanted to succeed Weidmann.

Lindner’s pro-business party to start talks with the Social Democrats, who won last month’s national election, and the Greens on forming a coalition government to replace Angela’s conservative-led coalition Merkel.

Many in his party, the most economically liberal of the three, would like to see his party claim the post of finance minister. Robert Habeck, co-leader of the Greens, second, is also frequently approached as a possible holder of the post.

Lindner previously expressed regret over Weidmann’s resignation on Twitter and said the Bundesbank president had “support for a stability-oriented monetary policy, which is growing in importance in the face of inflationary risks.” (Report by Miranda Murray and Christian Kraemer, edited by Emma Thomasson)


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