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By Hannah Caver, Editor-in-Chief

TRUSSVILLE – Trussville City Council approved several dezoned properties and changed the classification and fee schedules for business licenses on Tuesday, December 28.

Ordinance 2021-034-PZ changes the zoning of Trussville Ridge to residential garden qualified Q-RG from R-2 residential single-family. This rezoning includes the following site addresses:

  • 4630, promenade du Commerce
  • 4733 Rue du Commerce
  • 4741 Route du Commerce
  • 4338 Way of the Song of the Wind
  • 4747 Route du Commerce
  • 7900 Wind Song Drive
  • 4351 Way of the Song of the Wind

The following restrictions will apply in this Qualified Q-RG Zone:

  • All rear setbacks must be at least 35 feet;
  • All side setbacks must be at least 10 feet with a cumulative total of 25 feet;
  • Each lot must contain at least 15,000 square feet and be at least 85 feet in width;
  • Each residence must have at least 1300 square feet of living space on the main level, and
  • There will be no front-load garages on the residential lots along the crossing streets between the Stockton and Wind Song neighborhoods.

The Trussville City Council meeting took place on Tuesday, December 28. (Photo by Hannah Caver)

Two ordinances received their first reading. An ordinance aimed to change the zoning of 6670 Green Drive to IN-2 (institutional) from R-1 (single family). The other order was to dezone 3652 Sutton Avenue, 3642 Sutton Avenue, 3632 Hawkins Street, 3645 Springfield Street, 3627 Sutton Avenue, 3621 Sutton Avenue, 3613 Sutton Avenue and 3616 Deyempert Avenue at A-1 (agricultural) from R-2 (single-parent family). Voting for both will take place at the regular meeting on January 11, 2022.

The board also approved an order amending the license classifications of section 18-65 relating to garage sales and certain mobile catering services and the license fee schedules of section 18-66 relating to certain catering services. mobile, insurance companies and rental property.

Section 18-65 has been amended to read: “PEDDLERS, ice cream, peanuts, sandwiches, donuts, etc.” delivered by basket, handcart or truck, direct sales, tables, tent, uncooked and packaged food; yard or garage sales.

Section 18-66 “Schedule“ A ”- Basic” has been amended to read “$ 150 plus an amount equal to 1/10 of 1 percent (.001) of gross revenue exceeding $ 50,000 of gross revenue of the previous year. “

“Garage sales or garage sales will only take place at the residence, in accordance with all other city ordinances. There must be no more garage sales or yard sales in a twelve month period at a single residential address. At no time should a garage or yard sale event last for more than three consecutive calendar days. There will be no permit fees for garage or garage sales. All garage or garage sales must be registered with the inspection department.

“* Hawkers with sale of ready meals only – fixed fee of $ 50. “

Section 18-66 “Schedule“ U ”- Insurance” has been amended to read “Insurance agent – $ 150 plus an amount equal to 1/5 of 1% (.002) of gross commissions exceeding $ 50,000 “.

“Insurance expert – $ 150 plus an amount equal to 1/5 of 1% (.002) of the gross fees for services rendered over $ 50,000.”

“Insurance, Fire, and Marine – In accordance with the Code of Ala. 1975, § 11-51-120 – $ 4 on each $ 100 or major fraction of gross premiums, including renewals when such renewal includes additional property or persons in its coverage at the time of its renewal, provided the new companies pay a flat-rate minimum license of $ 50 for the first year on which there will be an adjustment at the end of the year.

“Insurance, other than fire, navy and fraternity – In accordance with Ala’s Code. 1975, § 11-51-121 – $ 20 plus $ 1 on each $ 100 and the major part of such gross premiums, including renewals where such renewal includes additional premiums. “

“Insurance brokers and insurance activities not elsewhere listed – $ 150 plus an amount equal to 1/5 of 1% (0.002) of the gross fees for services rendered in excess of $ 50,000.”

Section 18-66 “Schedule“ Y ”- Rental Properties – Residential, Commercial, Mini-Warehouses and Telecommunications Towers” ​​has been amended to read “The minimum license fee must be $ 150 plus 1/10 of 1 % (.001) of gross receipts from such rentals.

During council comments, Mayor Buddy Choat announced that the Trussville Police Department has ordered reflective devices.

These devices should be worn by walkers, joggers and cyclists at night. Reflective devices are free to the public and can be found at City Hall, Police Department, Library, and Civic Center.

As it’s dark earlier now, it will help drivers see people, especially on Parkway Drive where a lot of people are running and walking, ”said Chief Eric Rush.

In other areas, the Council approved:

  • Proclamation declaring the month of January 2022 to raise awareness of human trafficking;
  • First reading only: Order to rezone 6670 Green Drive to IN-2 Institutional from R-1 Single-family residential;
  • First reading only: Zoning order 8 of properties on avenue Sutton to single-family residence R-2 from agriculture A-1;
  • Public hearing regarding the proposed rezoning of Trussville Ridge;
  • Trussville Ridge rezoning order to Q-RG Qualified Garden Residential from R-2 Single-family residential;
  • Order authorizing the charging of re-inspection fees to owners and occupants of commercial structures that do not correct violations of the fire code;
  • Ordinance amending Chapter 18 of the classifications and scales of business operating rights;
  • Resolution to adopt the City’s 2022 stormwater management program plan, aka SWMPP;
  • Promote Annette Krucina and Jennifer Eaves to full-time gymnastics instructors (Grade 12 – Stage 1), effective January 1, 2022, and
  • Hire Leah Commer as a part-time Library Traffic Clerk (Grade 12 – Stage 1), effective January 1, 2022.

Audit of accounts

  • Accounts payable;
  • 2022 Municipal Court Magistrate Training for Clerk Beth Burden, Friday January 28 to February 25 in Montgomery. $ 250 registration fee;
  • Parks and Recreation $ 29,880 purchase of a zero-turn groomer vehicle for baseball and other indoor fields. Exempt from competitive bidding law under the single source exception, state code 41-16-75, and
  • Advanced drug investigations for Police Detective Anthony Martin, February 7-11 in Nashville, Tennessee. Registration fee of $ 475 plus accommodation.

The next Trussville City Council workshop will take place on Tuesday, January 11, starting at 5:00 p.m. and the regular meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m.


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