Wednesday, June 29 2022

Between running a business, meeting your personal obligations, and mentally preparing for the unexpected, it can be hard to find time for everything else.

Given this, going alone is not always the best way to optimize your time. Not having the help you need can sometimes leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and unable to progress.

Whether you’re struggling to juggle tasks or anticipating a new chapter of growth, hiring a personal assistant is a smart way to help you grow your real estate business and free up some much-needed time.

Here are five things to consider if you’re considering hiring a personal assistant to help you and your business.

Lighten the load

This one is the most obvious. Delegating smaller tasks to your personal assistant helps you be more productive, without feeling like secondary tasks are completely neglected. Between managing calendars and checking your appointments, publishing on social networks and monitoring your KPIs, a coach is there to ensure that you don’t waste time on secondary or even tertiary tasks. Look for the right person with a work ethic similar to yours, or someone you feel confident entrusting with your day-to-day. If your work-life balance is struggling, a personal assistant can help you manage a better schedule that’s just right for you. Assign them short-term tasks and busy work so that you have more time and smarts to focus on growing your business.

abundance mindset

If you’re a go-getter trying to get ahead in your financial life, you might consider the added cost of a personal assistant an expense you can’t afford. However, adopting an abundance mindset is extremely beneficial in this situation. Concretely, this mindset encourages you to perform a cost-benefit analysis and consider the return on investment of hiring a personal assistant. As a general rule, the financial gains you will derive from allowing yourself to focus on the general aspects of your business will likely be realized quickly, and the additional expenses will be recouped.

Change of perspective

Once you start building your relationship with your personal assistant, they will be able to anticipate your next moves, understand your business language, and begin to grow professionally. It’s like adding another you into the fold, but with a different background and skill set. After a while, he or she can add value to your operation by providing unique insights, helping to verify some of the trading decisions, and being someone you can brainstorm on.

Become a better boss

Whether you’re an independent agent who needs a leg up on the competition or a broker with lots of moving parts to watch, managing a younger employee can help you become a better leader. Patience is a virtue learned from this kind of experience and can carry over to your other professional and personal relationships. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your assistant for feedback to assess whether your communication and management skills are effective.

Pay it forward

Remember: you may have held a low-level position like your assistant at some point in your career. Like you, everyone has to start somewhere. So treat your assistant with the kindness and respect you were looking for when you started your career. You are in a position of authority and opportunity – you could jump-start someone’s career and serve as a mentor. So lead by example, set clear expectations, and help your assistant thrive so you and your business can too.

Joey Macari is the associate editor of RISMedia. Email him your real estate news ideas at [email protected].


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