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Staying ahead of the competition requires an agile approach to retail. Multi-asset brokerage Eightcap has built its reputation and client base on this approach, helping it to develop its presence in the market.

Finance Magnates spoke to Kunal Vaghela, Head of Subsidiaries at Eightcap, for his perspective on the company’s growth and crypto suite.

What makes Eightcap unique in responding to a growing customer base?

Eight cap has been operating for over a decade now and is growing rapidly and offering its services worldwide. Over the years, we have responded to the needs of our customers through our offer.

What sets us apart from other brokers and sets us up to cater to a growing customer base is our mission to build a home for MT4 and MT5. It is at the heart of our business, and we focus on each client from the moment they open their trading account with us.

This tailored approach applies to customer support and the additional resources and tools we provide to our clients to prepare them before they start to navigate the global financial markets.

Kunal Vaghela, Head of Subsidiaries, Eightcap

We also have support available in multiple languages. So wherever the customer is, we make sure they can receive information and help in their local language. This gives them the peace of mind that they can count on a broker who is there for them every step of the way.

Eightcap is known for its diverse crypto offering. What does this entail and how has the recent launch of crypto derivatives contributed to the company’s goals?

Our crypto rollout was there to meet the needs of crypto derivatives traders. We have seen a lot of turmoil in the crypto space over the past year, especially for some exchanges that have had to shut down operations in certain regions.

Naturally, this has led existing crypto derivatives traders to worry about accessing their funds. New crypto derivatives traders have been more reluctant to open an account with an exchange or broker.

That’s why we came in with a solution. Not only do we have the largest offering of crypto derivatives – with more than 250 crypto derivatives including coins, crypto-crosses, and crypto-indices, but traders can have peace of mind when opening an account with a regulated broker.

Our mission, as mentioned earlier, is to build a home for MT4 and MT5 traders, and with our diverse crypto offering, we have positioned ourselves as the new home of crypto derivatives.

With us, not only will clients have access to a wide range of crypto derivatives, but they will also be able to enjoy ultra-low spreads. For example, clients can trade Bitcoin from 12p / coin, Cardano from 0.004p / coin, Dogecoin from 0.0002p / coin, and Ether from 0.45p / coin.

Additionally, we have resolved concerns about withdrawals and can ensure a fast and transparent withdrawal process. Once a client opens a trading account with us, they have several funding options including BTC, Tether, PayPal, credit / debit card, Skrill and many more.

Does Eightcap offer crypto or CPA discounts for referrals?

Yes, we do offer CPA and revenue sharing for referrals through our affiliates and IBs. Currently, we have offered a 50% split revenue share across all cryptos. On top of that, we offer our affiliates trading milestones up to $ 900 CPA.

Can you describe Eightcap’s partnership opportunities and what are the benefits of joining?

Our partnership program focuses on high conversion rates, flexible compensation and exceptional marketing and operational support. There are many benefits to joining our partner program.

Our affiliates can choose from a range of competitive structures, including CPA, CPL and bespoke partnership programs. With this approach, we adapt our services to each size of business and our expertise also allows us to accelerate the activity of our affiliates. We have also set up a similar structure for IBs.

We offer competitive discounts and additional support for event sponsorships, marketing materials and dedicated campaigns specially created for their clientele.

Our partners can rest assured that they are putting their business in good hands. Our team has over 20 years of affiliate marketing experience. Our marketing solutions are created for each individual need, covering everything from strategy creation to design development.

What is planned for Eightcap as well as for the next few months before the end of the year?

We are currently working on many exciting projects to take our clients’ trading experience to the next level. Over the next few months, we will be integrating TradingView, so users can have an innovative trading experience with Eightcap.

We are also partnering with BKForex to host an exclusive online event entirely focused on crypto derivatives trading. CryptoFest 2021 will be held from October 30-31 and consists of several crypto experts sharing their insights, advice and business ideas. It will be free for anyone who signs up with their email address.

We’ll also be attending the Finance Magnates London Summit event in November, so if you’re interested in partnering with us and want to take your business to the next level, come say hi!


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