Saturday, October 1 2022

NATCHEZ – The Highest Care LLC has been granted a license to operate as a medical marijuana dispensary in Adams County, the first of its kind issued in the county.

Tabitha Wroten, Realtor at River Park Realty and Registered Nurse, is the sole owner of The Highest Care. The state granted the license to The Highest Care on July 26.

To date, the state has granted a total of 107 licenses related to the medical marijuana industry in Mississippi. Of the 107 permits, one is for a transport entity, one for a disposal facility, seven for cultivation facilities, two for micro-cultivation facilities and three for processing facilities. The rest of the licenses issued so far are for state dispensaries.

Contacted Wednesday afternoon, Wroten said the process to obtain the license was difficult.

Tabitha writes

“It was a lot to go through. First you have to pay $40,000 up front,” she said.

She plans to set up her dispensary in one of the doctor’s offices on Jeff Davis Boulevard across from the old community hospital. The City of Natchez has created a Medical Commercial Zone, which includes the area of ​​Seargent S. Prentiss Drive in front of Merit Health Natchez Hospital, Jeff Davis Boulevard, and Highland Boulevard and has designated that medical marijuana dispensaries may only locate in these areas.

“This is not a smoking room. It’s not like you walk in and buy marijuana,” she said. been prescribed this drug for one of the qualified diagnoses.”

Wroten said the system in place for obtaining medical marijuana in Mississippi is very restrictive.

“It’s more restrictive than a pharmacy like Walgreen’s and how they handle opioids,” she said.

This regulation begins when a marijuana seed is planted in the ground to grow.

“Once the seed is planted in the ground, it is given a number and monitored. When it makes a flower, when it makes an edible. And it must be from Mississippi. Dispensaries are regulated by the Mississippi Department of Revenue, the Mississippi Department of Health, and the ABC,” Wroten said.

She said medical marijuana produced in Mississippi would be tested for pesticides and heavy metals, as well as the amount of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the marijuana contains. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana.

“As a registered nurse, I’ve seen it help many patients over the years and relieve symptoms that other medications don’t have,” Wroten said. “If you’re interested and have one of the eligible diagnoses, talk to your doctor about writing a prescription.”

Once a patient has received a medical marijuana prescription from a doctor, they must then go online to the Mississippi Department of Health, where they will receive a state medical marijuana card that will be valid for one year. .

Wroten said it could be open by Nov. 1, but it all depends on the availability of Mississippi-grown medical marijuana.

“I think we will have products available by November 1, but it could be December 1. No one knows. It is grown in an indoor facility. This is all new for these companies that are growers. We won’t know until it starts producing,” she said.

“Ours will only be a medical dispensary. You can’t even walk in the door without a Mississippi medical marijuana card,” Wroten said. “The Highest Care will be a trusted healthcare partner that follows state guidelines and provides best-in-class customer service. We are committed to providing patients in Mississippi with high quality, safe, reliable and effective medical therapeutic cannabis. We plan to help make a difference in the lives of patients who are looking for relief in a natural form. Medical marijuana has many healing benefits.


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