Friday, October 22 2021

Days after her daughter’s application to become a chartered real estate appraiser was rejected by a state agency, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem brought in the state employee in charge of the agency, as well as the woman’s supervisor and the secretary of state for labor, at her office. . Noem’s daughter was also present at the meeting, AP reported on Monday. His request was approved four months later. Government ethics experts consulted by AP agreed that the events constituted a clear “conflict of interest and abuse of power”.

A week after the license was granted, the labor secretary reportedly called the 70-year-old agency employee to demand her retirement. A subsequent complaint of age discrimination the employee filed was withdrawn after the state paid her $ 200,000; she quit her job in March. The terms of her settlement also prevent her from disparaging state officials, and she declined to discuss details of what exactly happened at the meeting. A spokesperson for the governor’s office, declining a request for an interview, told AP that the media “was denigrating the governor’s daughter in order to attack the governor politically – no wonder Americans have confidence in the media. lower”.

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