Wednesday, June 29 2022

Many users of Home Assistant smart home server software had a surprise that devices communicating with the server through MQTT could no longer transmit data or be controlled from the server. In particular, components manufactured by ESP but also ZigBee devices were affected.

The reason is an update of the MQTT-Brokers of Home Assistant. This add-on supports communication between devices working with the MQTT protocol. With the new version 6.0.1, the automatic discovery (discovery) of these devices no longer works as before.

You should not accept this upgrade offer at this time.

Therefore, these components no longer appear in the Home Assistant system and can no longer be controlled. Stack on the add-on’s Github page for matching posts.

MQTT-Broker 6.0.1 issue

For now, the only remedy is to revert to the previous version. You can access the restore function in Supervisor-Menu under data backup. There you double-click on the old one Version 5.1.1 then choose restore.

Version 5.1.1 should be brought back so that all MQTT components can be controlled again.

After a subsequent restart, the MQTT components should work again.

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