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REAL Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer has officially obtained her real estate seller’s license after fans demanded that she be fired from the show.

Ramona, 64, studied to get his broker’s license as his new career focus was the story of RHONY’s final season.


Ramona Singer got her real estate seller’s license
This comes amid his RHONY dismissal rumors


This comes amid his RHONY dismissal rumorsCredit: Getty

The Sun can exclusively reveal that Ramona has officially obtained her New York salesperson’s license.

The expiration date is August 16, 2023.

Ramona works under Douglas Elliman Real Estate, according to the license.

According to the New York Department of State Licensing Services, a real estate seller must be under the supervision of a licensed real estate broker.

Ramona is able to “facilitate the buying and selling of property on behalf of clients, obtaining listings of property for sale with an employer broker, assisting real estate buyers locate and purchase property. “.

She is also able to “list and negotiate the sale, lease or lease of real estate for others for remuneration, under the direction and advice of a responsible broker,” according to the ministry’s website.

She is unable to function independently.


In December, Ramona revealed that she is getting into real estate.

She captioned a photo standing in a luxury apartment: “Real estate broker in training. “

She tagged Douglas Elliman and real estate broker Michael Lorber.

In a June episode of RHONY, Ramona had lunch with Michael and said she was “natural” in real estate.

Over lunch, he reminded her of the change in terms, as “master bedroom”, “her and her bathrooms”, “bachelor lodge” and more are obsolete.

She then responded shockingly: “Someone told me because of the disabled… disabled people!”

Michael, who looked dumbfounded, replied, “Uh, if you’re in a wheelchair you’re not a short walk from the park.”


The new career venture comes at the perfect time, as Ramona’s remarks have gotten her into trouble this season.

Viewers called for the original actor’s dismissal for his “racist behavior”.

In a recent episode, Ramona sparked outrage at Eboni Williams’ Black Shabbat dinner to raise awareness of minority struggle.

Dinner guest Linara recounted how she and her son nearly died in childbirth because doctors at the hospital refused to give her painkillers, believing she was an addict.

Ramona responded with her own story of how a black nurse “neglected” her and refused to give her pain relievers during labor.

RHONY fans have called the Bravo star “ignorant” and criticized her for telling a woman’s story about systemic racism in medical facilities about her.


One of them pulled on Twitter: “Andy Cohen, well done, I’m begging you – begging you – to fire the ignoramus from Ramona **. How can you allow this behavior ?! you behind her ?!

Another said: “All of you … Ramona interrupting Eboni’s friend while discussing medical racism … Shoot that bitch.

A third blasted: “Ramona just tried to discredit a black woman who told her childbirth story. It’s not all about you, Ramona! @Andy FIRE RAMONA !!!”


In July, Radar Online reported that Ramona had not been “invited to the next season of the show”.

The insider continued, “One, she’s too expensive. She’s the only woman to have been on the show since day one. And her salary reflects that. Plus, the show’s basic premise doesn’t work. more.

The insider added, “A bunch of bad-behaved elderly white women was fun ten years ago, but not today.

“The world has changed and if the show is to survive another decade it has to change too and that starts with the casting.”

Ramona refused to attend the meeting amid the gunfire as they still have not filmed.

But Eboni put an end to the layoff rumors in August, as she said on the Chanel in the city podcast: “She wasn’t fired. Let’s start with that. OK, absolutely no casting decision has been made.

“People who know RHONY know they would never even consider what next season will be like before the reunion. And so no, no one has been fired.


The Sun previously reported that Ramona, Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Leah McSweeney and Eboni were all on the chopping block.

The insider revealed, “Things are in a state of complete panic among the cast of RHONY. Ramona is NOT the only one on the chopping block.

“There could be a complete overhaul of the series and three or more people could be fired. Eboni, Ramona and Leah are ALL in danger.

As for Ramona in particular, the insider said, “People have expressed their dislike for Ramona this season. It just doesn’t make sense to have her on the show anymore. She’s become completely unfriendly.

The source continued, “As for Leah and Eboni, they have been criticized by viewers on social media. And Eboni blaming producers for low ratings last week isn’t helping his case.

Ramona was accused of


Ramona has been accused of “racist behavior” this season
Fans have called for the original actor to be sacked


Fans have called for the original actor to be sackedCredit: Bravo
Ramona Singer Starts Eating In Kitchen At Eboni K Williams Dinner

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