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Animal ailments: Morewood Parkway

On July 20, a local woman reported that a raccoon stole a bag of fast food from her terrace and refused to leave the yard. The raccoon fled when the police arrived. The report was forwarded to the animal welfare officer for follow-up.

Stolen plates: Hilliard Boulevard

On July 19, a resident reported that license plates were stolen in 2020 and later used in New York and New Jersey. He is now receiving tickets from toll roads in these states.

Scam: Hilliard Boulevard

A resident reported that someone opened a payday loan on July 19 with his 5-year-old son’s personal information.

Stolen car: prospectus

On July 29, police on Prospect found an abandoned vehicle with damage to the steering column. The officers found that the vehicle had been stolen from Westlake. Westlake Police responded and confiscated the vehicle for investigation.

Property damage: Detroit Road

At 8:15 a.m. on July 20, a caller reported that he parked his car in a grocery store around 6 a.m. On his return, the driver’s window was smashed by a stone chip and the steering column and ignition were damaged. Detectives have examined the vehicle for evidence and are investigating it.

Vandalism: Lindenpark

The men’s toilets in Lindenpark were destroyed with spray paint on July 21st.

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