Saturday, November 27 2021 AI-based voice transcription service extends its Otter Assistant functionality for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex. first released this feature for Zoom users earlier this year (in May). With this new integration, Otter Assistant can now join and transcribe meetings on more platforms, even if the Otter user is not attending the meeting.

The Otter Assistant automatically joins meetings and scheduled recordings, takes notes, and shares transcripts with meeting participants. If a user decides to skip a meeting altogether, they then catch up with the discussion using recorded notes. The tool can also help you in cases where you have overlapping meetings or larger meetings where only a part of them is relevant to you.

To use the new tool, users must synchronize their calendars with the service. The assistant will then automatically join all future meetings, where it will appear in the meeting as a separate participant, for the sake of transparency.

“With more and more companies adapting to a hybrid work model where professionals work and take meetings in the office, home and on mobile, many are turning to Otter as a tool to improve communication and communication. team collaboration, ”said the co-founder of and CEO Sam Liang in a statement. “We’re excited to make using Otter even easier and more accessible, no matter where and how people lead and participate in meetings. “

The new integration will be handy for those attending meetings on multiple platforms, as the tool can keep all of your meeting notes in one place. The Otter Assistant is available for professional users. The enterprise level starts at $ 20 per month and includes features like two-factor authentication, advanced search, audio imports, custom vocabulary, shared speaker identification, and more.

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