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ROCHESTER, Mich., September 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A new specialization in Assistant Orthotist and Prosthetist (OPA) studies is offered as part of the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (EXS) program at the Department of Human Movement Sciences at Oakland University.

Oakland University is one of the first orthotic and prosthetic assistant programs to be launched in the United States through its School of Health Sciences and it expects this new program to serve as a model to others nationwide.

Combining a unique blend of disciplines (human movement, materials science, and engineering), the 26-credit OPA specialization prepares students with the skills needed to serve patients in many ways similar to those of other healthcare providers. In addition, a new credit of 18 APO minor is available to students of all majors at the university.

“The OPA program is a new program that provides the student of health sciences with a unique field combining patient care, rehabilitation, engineering elements of material characteristics and biomechanical design and much more. ” noted Tamara Treanore, CO, founding director and special instructor of the OPA.

While the assessment of patient care for personalized protocols and the creation of a treatment plan and goals are the direct responsibility of the clinician, the role of the assistant is broad. They work in collaboration with orthotists and clinical prosthetists, as well as with other healthcare providers, to design, adapt and modify orthotics and prostheses. They also maintain a presence from initial assessment to follow-up with the patient, encompassing the design, manufacture and fit of their devices.

“We are proud to be one of the first orthotist and prosthetist assistant programs to be launched in the United States and hope that it will serve as a model for others nationwide,” said Daniel Goble, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Exercise Science Program Coordinator at OU.

The OPA specialization is a professionally accredited field requiring postgraduate completion of a paid clinical residency. Applicants are eligible pass the certification exam after residency (several states also require a license before allowing independent practice).

“This very practical field is the first BS program to be created in the field and works with accrediting bodies for nationally recognized accreditation,” said Treanore. ” Come and visit us. You might find your ideal niche. “

Oakland University is currently pursuing national accreditation of the OPA specialization through theParamedical Health Education Program Accreditation Commission (CAAHEP) and the National Commission for Orthotics and Prosthetics Education (NCOPE)). A site visit is scheduled for this fall.

For more information on the Orthotist and Prosthetist Assistant Studies specialization, visit

(PRNewsfoto / University of Oakland)

(PRNewsfoto / University of Oakland)



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