Thursday, August 11 2022

Privileged over many Americans, but it’s certainly not the rarefied, boarding school and Ivy League education that the Rockefellers and Kennedys enjoy.

An overview of the Senator’s net worth over the course of his career, as tracked by the Political Watch Group, shows a meteoric rise in wealth compared to the rest of us, but in the middle of the pack for Senators.

In 2004, Burr was worth – according to the calculations of various required disclosure forms – just over $ 615,000. Its value in 2012 had climbed between $ 2.2 million and $ 4 million, good for the 43rd out of 100 senators. Using the midpoint of $ 3.1 million, that would represent a 400% increase in net worth in eight years.

(The average wealth of regular workers declined 0.94% over the same period, in case you were wondering.)

By 2018, Burr’s personal wealth had doubled again, according to, to some $ 7.1 million. He’s neither Mitt Romney (R-Utah, $ 250 million) nor Mark Warner (D-Virginia, $ 215 million) but he won’t want any new golf clubs either.

So imagine you are Richard Burr, then chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. You had it with the loons and fanatics and crooks who had taken over DC and decided to call it a career.

The lucrative world of lobbying and think tanks shone on the horizon. Next stop: Easy – Easier – street. Then came the coronavirus.


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