Monday, December 5 2022

Just Mortgages has launched a new 12-week masterclass course for brokers when they have finished going through the academy.

The Pathway to Skill course, designed by former brokers, aims to support new brokers in their transition from obtaining their CeMAP qualification to advising clients.

The full-day masterclass session includes advice from a lender on the progress of files and a session on the criteria.

Last year, 45 brokers qualified through the Just Mortgages Academy. The first academy of this year has been completed, with 12 brokers currently taking the masterclass course.

Heidi Smith, Head of Advisor Development at Just Mortgages and Head of Course, says, “Investing time in our brokers as they take the first steps in their careers is a crucial part of ensuring their success.

Smith comments, “The mortgage market is a very fast moving industry, so brokers have to get to work, and the first few weeks and months can be overwhelming. Our role is to make sure brokers can come to us with any questions and our course is designed to make every broker a success.

“Most newly qualified brokers have come to us with questions about the research stage of the process and by helping them through the process, we can give them the confidence to thrive,” she adds.


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