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MIAMI, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — itracHEALTH™, a health technology startup, is pleased to have been selected by Arduino, during its 2022 Arduino Week, for itracHEALTH’s excellence in implementing implementation of the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 microcomputer board in the itracHEALTH eSSIST™ Personal Physician Assistant System. The eSSIST integrates software, hardware and IoT technologies to help at-risk patients manage their complex medical regimens at home.


The Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 combined with itracHEALTH’s proprietary hardware and software enables the computing processing capabilities needed to deliver the critical functions of the AI-driven wearable pill dispenser, a core component of the eSSIST system. In addition, the Arduino board enables real-time wireless communications between the smart pill dispenser and associated eSSIST devices through a user-friendly interface designed to increase sustained adherence from this struggling population. eSSIST’s advanced medication management capabilities were designed to remotely manage dynamic and changing medication regimens of at-risk patients requiring frequent medication dose changes, medication discontinuations, medication titrations, potential drug interactions, etc. The eSSIST user interface provides personalized computer-guided audio-visual instructions and reminders. Large capacity smart pill organizer eliminates the tedious process of sorting pills allowing bulk loading of up to 30 days supply of 12 different medications, while tracking compliance for all medication types, at home and during the trips.

Expected to be commercialized in late 2022, the eSSIST personal physician assistant system manages medication events, integrates remote patient monitoring with “one-button” telehealth, performs daily behavior and pain assessments, compiles a real-time home health record available to healthcare professionals through a primary care web portal designed to support reimbursable remote care strategies, schedule appointments, and communicate real-time home health data generated by patients with caregivers and their medical team. The eSSIST system will also serve as a complementary product to the eNURSE – the company’s robotic personal medical assistant.

Cesar Garcia, CEO and Founder of itracHEALTH, said, “After reviewing the available options, our itracHEALTH design team selected the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 as the key component for the personal assistant’s medication management module. eSSIST for its superior capabilities enabling a small, portable, easy-to-use and affordable healthcare solution to help patients live longer, healthier lives in their homes.We thank Arduino for highlighting the capabilities of our eSSIST system during their Arduino Week 2022.”

Fabio Violante, CEO of Arduino, said, “We are delighted to partner with itracHEALTH on the eSSIST project. It fits perfectly with our strategy of supporting customers by providing reliable compute and communication modules that can be combined with application-specific carrier boards. . This approach dramatically speeds up development cycles and relieves customers of the complexity of IoT and security. »

About itracHEALTH: A pre-retirement digital health company developing a holistic digital health technology platform designed to help people with multiple chronic conditions who want to age in place with independence and dignity while enjoying the best possible health. Press contacts: [email protected], Tel. 305.396.3815; [email protected], Tel. 818.287.6754

About Arduino: Arduino is the world leader in open source hardware and software. Born to provide an easy-to-use platform for anyone making interactive projects. To date, the Arduino community has approximately 30 million active users. The Arduino Pro Business Unit is aimed at companies wishing to accelerate the concept and rapid prototyping phases, to start mass production with the support of a qualified industrial partner and high-performance technological solutions.

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