Wednesday, June 29 2022

IIn this video I will talk about SoFi Technologies(NASDAQ: SOFI) new recruit Chad Borton, the new chairman of SoFi Bank, and I’ll cover a few points from Goldman Sachs 11th annual FinTech conference. You can find the video below.

SoFi Bank

Last week, SoFi appointed Chad Borton as the new chairman of SoFi Bank, showing real confidence that a banking license could be near. Borton previously served as President of USAA Bank and also worked at JPMorgan Chase and Fifth Third Bank.

Today, SoFi is regulated by 50 states for lending; this means that it must comply with 50 different sets of compliance rules. Once SoFi gets a banking license, it will be regulated by the Federal Reserve, FDIC, and OCC, which will make things much easier.

By being a bank, SoFi will be able to hold more loans on its balance sheet, and it will no longer have to limit its number of mortgage loans. The license will also allow SoFi to determine its own interest rates instead of relying on a sweep partner. SoFi would then also become Galileo’s sponsor bank, and if Galileo’s partners wish to offer credit cards, SoFi would be able to provide this service. The B2B opportunity here is huge.

The future of Galileo

Anthony Noto called Galileo “AWS of fintech” at Goldman Sachs 11th annual FinTech conference. He expects it to be on four different continents within three to five years, excluding North America.

Nowadays, being able to move quickly to add and improve financial services is crucial, and that’s where Galileo comes in.

For a full rundown, watch the video below.

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