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Love is blind Season 2 Dater Trisha frame is rarely at a loss for words. “I talk too much,” the 30-year-old Chicago realtor admits in a Netflix intro video. “I hope that doesn’t upset my partner. »

the Love is blind the trailer hints that this might work to her advantage – at least as far as she’s concerned. “I’m not trying to sound pretentious, but it looks like you’re all chasing me,” she told a man in the adjacent pod. In a later scene, she describes herself as a “catch”, adding that she doesn’t understand why she’s single.

Whether or not that rubs the other men the wrong way remains to be seen, but here’s everything to know about Trisha as you watch her journey unfold.

Trisha’s Instagram

All along Love is blind, Trisha repeatedly brags about her “huge Instagram following,” which as of early February included around 8,600 people. She added that sometimes her Instagram followers “get a little intimidated” by the amount of exercise she does because they’re worried “they won’t be able to keep up.” However, Trisha seems to have deleted her account since the show premiered.

Trisha’s page previously showed her love of hiking and biking around Chicago, among other outdoor activities. She described herself in her Instagram bio as a “#1 aunt” and frequently shared photos of herself enjoying outings with her nephews and godson, such as going fishing and attending a monster truck show. “Grateful for my family,” she captioned a photo of them with her parents and sisters.

Trisha’s dog, Tator Beans, was also featured prominently on her page until her death in December 2021. “Thank you to everyone who contacted me regarding the passing of Tator Beans,” she wrote at the time. . “He was the best dog for me and I’m so grateful to have had him in my life for so long.”

In addition to travel photos from destinations like Mexico, Dubai, Spain, Greece and Colombia, Trisha’s Instagram still had several photos of her with an ex, including one kissing and another celebrating Sweetest Day, both published in 2017.

Trisha’s work

Despite her seemingly massive following on Instagram, Trisha is not an influencer. She actually works for Real Estate in Chicago State Street Properties, a residential rental company specializing in high-end luxury apartment buildings. According to the SSP’s website, their agents go the extra mile for their customers, whether it’s “taking a call at 10 p.m. on Friday night or doing a video visit on Facetime.”


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