Monday, December 5 2022

ICBC will bring changes to BC drivers next month, such as ditching license plate stickers and offering online auto-renewals for insurance.

After May 1, you will no longer need to display a license plate sticker in British Columbia to show that you have valid insurance.

Instead of using stickers, ICBC is investing in the Automatic Number Plate Recognition program, which helps police “detect illegal, unlicensed and uninsured drivers,” the government’s website said. British Columbia.

Also starting May 1, eligible customers will be able to renew their ICBC Personal Insurance policy on a computer, tablet or mobile device.

You can actually renew your insurance up to 44 days before it expires – so some drivers may already be eligible for online renewal – if their policy expires on or after May 1.

Basically, you can say goodbye to long lines at the ICBC office.

A few other things also get a little easier from May 1st.

The government website added that customers will be able to “renew their current personal car insurance cover, change their address, apply for discounts, update the drivers listed on their policy and change how they use their vehicle”, all online.

That said, there will always be instances where you may need to visit an ICBC office.

New insurance policies, expired policies, mid-term changes, cancellations, leased vehicles, motorcycles, motor homes, temporary operating permits, collector vehicles and fleet policies or trades will all need to be handled through an ICBC broker – not online.

He also added that you also won’t be able to make changes to online option hedges either. This will need to be done with a broker either over the phone or in person.


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