Thursday, November 24 2022
  • Actress Nkechi Blessing has now spoken in an interview about how she met her ex-boyfriend, Opeyemi Falegan
  • The movie star also opened up about how the relationship started and what made her decide she couldn’t continue
  • In the interview with Daddy Freeze, the underlying issue Nkechi seemed to have with Falegan was his unemployment and unwillingness to work.

It’s no longer news that one of Nigeria’s celebrity couples, Nkechi Blessing Sunday and Opeyemi Falegan aka ODF, have hit the rocks despite their constant public display of affection in the past.

Their breakup was quite messy and took over social media in the first week of April 2022 as it led to both parties airing their dirty laundry online.

In a new development, Nkechi has now shared more intimate details of how she met Falegan, how their relationship started and what made it end during an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze.

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Nkechi Blessing and Opeyemi Falegan part ways
Nkechi Blessings talks to Daddy Freeze about his relationship with Opeyemi Falegan. Photos: @daddyfreeze, @nkechiblessingsunday
Source: Instagram

How Nkechi and Falegan met

The Nollywood actress noted that she met Opeyemi Falegan through a friend. According to her, ODF claimed he just wanted to be friends and as she was also healing from a recently ended relationship, she was okay with just being friends.

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The movie star added that they only spoke once at first and then they hadn’t been in touch for many months before having an in-depth conversation again and that helped him. led her to ask what Falegan’s job was and he claimed he was in the Royal Airforce.

According to her, she had no idea that he was a politician or that he had a foundation that he needed her to push for him. NBS noted that early in the relationship, Falegan told her that there shouldn’t be high expectations.

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How the relationship with Falegan became public

In the tell-all interview, NBS noted that at the time she met Falegan, she was trying to get over her ex-boo, Adeyemi Mike and he had already started posting pictures of him with another woman but had made sure to hide it. Face.

Nkechi said that when she finally got to meet Falegan in person, she also decided to ‘pepper up’ her ex-boyfriend by posting a picture of them together, but also covering her new boo’s face with an emoji. .

However, Gistlover’s dreaded blog posted the photo and deleted the emoji she used to block Falegan’s face and the whole relationship was blown out of proportion on social media.

According to her, after people heard about her new boo, they started DMing her, telling her different stories about her. She explained that Falegan had also received such messages from people hurting her.

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NBS said she even received a DM at the time from a lady who claimed to have bought Falegan the Royal Airforce uniform he was posing in and that he was not actually a member, but she said accused the person of lying.

Falegan always wanted their relationship to be online

Nkechi revealed that she always wanted her relationship away from social media, but Falegan seemed to want it the other way around.

According to her, there was a time when he complained that she never tagged him on the posts and even compared himself to Tonto Dikeh’s ex-boyfriend Kpokpogri, whose followers had greatly increased because she used to tag him.

Nkechi noted that was when she realized she couldn’t go on with the man because he was only in the relationship to get attention.

Nkechi complains about Falegan’s unemployment and reluctance to work

During the Instagram live session, NBS also shared how she always asked Falegan about his work because she could never figure out what he did for a living.

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According to her, Falegan was always doing Instagram live videos without ever going to work and people were always asking her about it.

She noted that she always asked him questions about his job and how they would raise a family, but he never gave a reasonable answer. NBS added that she even suggested he start a salon together in Lagos because his influence would sell him, but nothing came of it.

Nkechi explained that she is a very hardworking woman and is not afraid to date broke people as long as they are willing to work hard.

In his words:

“I can manage with a man who is ready to work. What are you doing? You keep saying “that’s why I hid certain things from you” if you hide things from me in a relationship, then what do we do together? »

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The actress also added that dating a broke but hard-working person doesn’t scare her because together they would do great things. According to her, she dated people who are same brokers as ODF but they were not lazy.

Nkechi added that they were in London together for three weeks and Falegan didn’t get up a single day to go to work. She noted that she had also never seen him tapping on his laptop assuming he was working online.

The actress admitted that social media had a negative impact on her relationship with Falegan and when she met him she thought he was a mature man who didn’t care about social media.

Watch the full video below:

Internet users react

Read some fan comments below:


“Honestly, I like Nkechi.”

His reflection space:

“I love this lady. She’s too real. And I believe his own version of the story ❤️❤️.

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“Nkechi you’re too real I swear I thought to myself you’re a victim because you’re trying to heal from your relationship. It’s a shame I wish you well sis stop talking and learn from your mistake. The only thing what I don’t like is you coming to call this man your husband when he hasn’t paid the dam on your head it’s too cheap ❌❌❌❌❌ no matter how much love ❤️.

I can’t use my money to feed a man: Nkechi Blessing talks about ex-boo

After her relationship with Opeyemi Falegan ended, Nkechi Blessing also took to IG Live to take on the Ekiti-born politician.

Falegan said he ended the relationship because he didn’t want to be involved in controversies.

However, Nkechi, in a series of videos that have gone viral on social media, said she had a large family and could not use the little money she earned to feed a grown man.



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