Saturday, October 1 2022

Former Huntington Beach Assistant District Attorney. Scott Field will be able to put that assistant district attorney designation on the ballot as he runs for city attorney this fall, an Orange County Superior Court judge ruled Wednesday.

Judge Craig Griffin denied a motion for writ of warrant filed by former Huntington Beach Planning Commissioner Michael Hoskinson.

Hoskinson had filed a lawsuit against Orange County Registrar of Electors Bob Page on Aug. 19, asking him to remove any reference to Field’s previous title from his ballot designation. He claimed that Field having signed up as an assistant city attorney, despite having been retired for several months, violated the spirit of the election rules.

But Griffin disagreed during a brief virtual hearing.

“Because [Field] held the position of Deputy Attorney for the City of Huntington Beach at any time during the period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, he was entitled to use that title on his ballot designation,” Griffin wrote in her ruling.

Hoskinson’s attorney, Matt Price, had argued that Field last served as assistant district attorney in May 2021, around the time Field and former assistant district attorney Neal Moore settled a discrimination case. based on age of $2.5 million against Gates and the city. This period was outside the context of “the calendar year immediately preceding the filing of nomination papers,” and Field should therefore not be listed as such, Price argued.

But Griffin noted the Cambridge dictionary definition of “calendar year” as a period of 365 or 366 days, beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31.

Hoskinson, a local real estate broker, supported the City Atty in place. Michael Gates, who is seeking a third term and running for re-election against Field.

Hoskinson himself resigned as planning commissioner in 2016, after public criticism over a Youtube video of him giving a lecture on political correctness.

In the video, Hoskinson criticizes Islam, a group of 1920s Jewish intellectuals, and “leftists” in general.

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