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Drivers must have auto insurance to meet legal requirements and provide asset protection. But is car insurance without a license available or do the insured have to have an active license to drive? Here’s what motorists need to know to answer that question.

Can you buy auto insurance without a driver’s license?

It is important to know the basics of car insurance, including whether it is possible to buy car insurance without a license. The law does not require an individual to have a license to be covered. But many major insurers don’t offer coverage for unlicensed drivers.

It may be a good idea to work with an insurance broker when trying to get auto insurance without a license. Brokers will know which insurers offer this type of coverage. Small local insurers or regional insurance companies may also be more likely to offer coverage to people who do not have an active license.

Drivers with a suspended license may also consider SR-22 insurance. SR-22 is a liability certificate that indicates the motorist meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements. An SR-22 certificate is required for drivers who have certain driving offenses, such as impaired driving convictions. Insurers that sell policies to high-risk drivers are said to offer SR-22 insurance.

How to buy car insurance without a license

For people without a license trying to figure out how to get car insurance without a license, here are the steps to follow.

Look for insurers offering coverage for unlicensed drivers

Since not all insurers offer car insurance without a license, it is important to research companies willing to provide this type of coverage. An insurance broker may be able to help you.

Get insurance quotes

Although a limited number of companies offer car insurance without a license, it is still important to shop around for coverage. Those who do not have a valid license and are looking to obtain insurance coverage should obtain quotes from several different providers. This will allow policyholders to pay the most affordable premiums possible.

Request a policy for unlicensed drivers

After identifying an affordable policy that offers car insurance without a license, the next step is to purchase a policy. This will involve providing contact information, personal details and information about the cars that will be insured on the policy.

Register as an excluded driver

When purchasing unlicensed auto insurance, it is necessary for the unlicensed policy holder to be listed as an excluded driver. It is therefore more likely that an insurer will be willing to provide cover. Indeed, if a person is listed as an excluded driver, the insurer does not have to cover accidents caused by this person.

An insurer does not want to be held liable for incidents that an unlicensed driver may cause while driving. When someone without a license buys a policy and is listed as an excluded driver, it eliminates that risk.

What coverage do you need with an unlicensed driver insurance policy?

It is always difficult to determine the amount of auto insurance you need. This is particularly the case when taking out car insurance without a licence.

An insured who purchases coverage without a license will want to be sure to comply with state coverage laws. This could mean that there is a sufficient amount of liability insurance in case someone driving the policyholder’s car is involved in a collision and injures other people.

If the purpose of the policy is to ensure that the policyholder is covered in the event of damage to his own motor vehicle, collision coverage and comprehensive coverage must also be purchased. This coverage is necessary for an insurer to pay to repair or rebuild a vehicle in the event of an accident or other covered incident.

How to buy car insurance with a suspended license?

Getting car insurance with a suspended license can be difficult because more often than not a license is suspended due to traffic violations. This could be due to a DUI, a reckless driving conviction, or a similar offence.

Insurers consider drivers with suspended licenses to be high risk. As a result, many insurers will not provide coverage in this situation. However, some companies offer policies for high-risk drivers. This is often referred to as SR-22 insurance. Indeed, courts or other authorities may order high-risk drivers to submit an SR-22 form providing proof of financial responsibility before driving.

Drivers with suspended licenses can research companies offering SR-22 insurance, although they are not required to submit an SR-22 form. That way, they’re more likely to find an insurer that won’t turn them down.

Can you buy a car without a license?

It is possible to buy a car without a licence. This may be necessary in many situations. For example, an older person might want to buy a car for a caregiver to drive even though the older person will not be driving the vehicle themselves. Or a collector may want to buy a classic car even though they no longer have a license. In this case, it would be important to look into auto insurance for classic cars.

When buying a car without a license, dealers will always require the buyer to have proof of insurance. This means that it will be necessary to obtain an insurance policy from a car insurance company offering car insurance without a license. A licensed motorist must be listed as the primary driver.


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