Monday, December 5 2022

Educators, parents and students who are alarmed at the absence of a contract settlement providing for provisions against arbitrary termination, gathered outside the school site on Tuesday November 1 to urge the management body from the charter to a settlement worthy of its exceptional High Tech staff.

While teachers admire and appreciate their students, the school lacks effective leadership. A disconnected revolving door approach has left staff without continuity or confidence that they will improve. Without the changes demanded by teachers, the school leadership team will leave the problem of attrition unresolved and lingering. This is not an option for high tech teachers.

Site representative and newly elected union secretary Claire Deken took the stage to advocate for a fair dismissal process at the charter school. His impassioned speech included his frustration with the large number of personnel and leadership changes during his six years of service at the school. “Our turnover is atrocious. I worked on four teams of teachers under 7 academic coaches, 4 directors and 3 CEOs.” She described how the school struggles to retain experienced teachers, especially those from historically marginalized communities. Allowing a CEO with little or no understanding of a school site to unilaterally fire an educator does not meet the industry standard and is contrary to building a culture of fairness and justice.

Members, parents and students of the High Tech Education Collective held up signs echoing these concerns, including “We deserve the right to due process”, “Fear and uncertainty create turnover” and “Fear is no way to run a school.


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