Monday, December 5 2022
Exclusive: Fannie Mae’s plan boosts tenant creditworthiness

  • Only positive payments from tenants are reported (those who default are deregistered) and tenants can deregister at any time.
  • One in ten US adults, or about 26 million people, are “credit invisible,” meaning they have no credit history with any of the three statewide credit reporting agencies.
  • Renters are seven times more likely than homeowners to have bad credit, according to a study by the Urban Institute

When it comes to creditworthiness, renters are at a clear disadvantage compared to homeowners.

While mortgage payments are reported to credit bureaus by lenders, landlords typically don’t report rent payments — and that can prevent renters from building a credit history.

Fannie Mae plans to subsidize the cost of multifamily landlords it finances to help renters build their loans starting Tuesday, mortgage giant USA TODAY exclusively announced.


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