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A San Francisco construction inspector resigned last week over fish permits for two lots and inadequate developer funding, but now the dam is flooded with fish permit schools across the city. I am.

The newest hydra head, which keeps expanding, is germinating Mohammed zero public corruption scandal – Additionally spawned with the current number Allow broker scandals, Ricology BribeResignation under fire from Chairman of the Municipal Commission and City manager (Plus Cocaine mini scandal),and Check for fraud With Former chairman of the building inspection committee – Is an Independent Building Control (DBI) scandal involving an inspector who gave unexplained permission to a contractor who oiled his palm with an unreported loan of $ 180,000 that went unreported SFist has this scandal covered Earlier this month we made a joke that one of the properties in question had a payday loan shop front in the first floor retail space. Got it? ”

When Mission Local reported on another property about 20 meters from the Check Cashing Center in Visitation Valley six days later, things got less interesting. Scaffolding death trap Here: “Through the redesign of the commercial space and the subdivision of the existing units, 20 illegal units were secretly integrated into this new multi-purpose structure.” Engineer list The death trap came from the same developer who gave this dubious $ 180,000 loan, and a few hours after Mission Local’s work was published, DBI inspector Bernard Curran came in and received the loan. His vacation immediately turned into a resignation.

He resigned after finding out that he had given the builder suspicious permission for two lots. But today Chronicles open locks More suspicious approvals from KaranIncludes “Illegal Units” (Oceanside), Permit “Beyond Permit” work (Sunset) and Illegal “Split into Multiple Units” of Excelsior households.

These are not even the focus of the articles on Crohn’s disease. The focus of Chron’s article is on Miraloma’s property near Diamond Heights, and whistleblowers found as much fraud and total manipulation as another inspector confirmed Curran’s work. became.

Whistleblowers reported that “pouring a retaining wall without a permit is okay”, “manipulating the basic plan”, “manipulating the plan review process” and “risk of damage to the support on the slope”. [other] Property. “

Given the neighborhood’s steep hills, this is it Tragedy in Miami Though small. And that’s not open news. The Appeals Committee hashed these complaints two years ago. However, it is now coming to light when it is found that the practice of “paying for permits” existed in the DBI, even if it was not widespread.

John Kote, a city attorney spokesman, said in a statement to Chronicles, “Our research focuses on the extermination of employees and contractors who abuse public trust. The work goes on. We pursue evidence wherever it leads. I will. “

Many of these complaints have one common denominator – the division of real estate into additional units Proposal to “turn everything into four plexuses” Celebrated by YIMBY and NIMBY.

The problem with this proposal is What if everyone who gives Forplex permission is completely corrupt? Yes, I have DBI’s new (provisional) sheriffHowever, the division of the household is clearly a corrupt Hundementha in terms of the granting of permits. Tenants who live in a subdivided structure describe the conversion-related structure as follows: “Living Hell” Nobody likes the sound of rock drills. But the bigger concern is not just corruption (to be honest, multiple building inspectors may be for one or two), but rushed approval mixed with crowded buildings. This is a potentially fatal result of structural abbreviations.

Relationship: Sci-fi overseers call for hearings on the dangers of gas pipelines in a citywide redevelopment project with a soft story [SFist]

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Disgraced ex-building inspector approved supposedly shady, ridiculously unsafe permits across San Francisco Source link Disgraced ex-building inspector approved supposedly shady, ridiculously insecure permits across San Francisco

Source link


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