Monday, December 5 2022

Deputy Minister of Defense launches new ICT strategy

The Defense Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy 2022 and Defense Cyber ​​Security Strategy were launched today by Deputy Minister of Defense Matt Thistlethwaite at a Defense Forum. defense ICT industry.

A key element of both strategies was the importance of enduring partnerships for Defence, according to Deputy Minister Thistlethwaite, in order to leverage the experience and expertise of industry, academia, allies and partners. regional.

“Australia’s strategic environment has traditionally been shaped by geopolitical and socio-economic changes.

“Today, this environment is defined by rapid and exponential advances in technology,” said Deputy Minister Thistlethwaite.

“Defence capabilities are increasingly interconnected and dependent on advanced information and communication technologies.”

The Defense ICT Strategy is designed to give Defense the ability to harness the power of data and leverage it to improve situational awareness and decision making, with the goal of helping Defense produce lethal and non-lethal effects through a connected Australian Defense Force (ADF).

“In the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and regional military modernization, we need to ensure that Defense Information and Communications Technology is focused on improving the Australian Defense Force’s ability to fight and win in the digital age,” added Deputy Minister Thistlethwaite.

Defense’s Cyber ​​Security Strategy details how Defense will combat cyber threats and ensure its capabilities are protected against attacks from adversaries. More than 300 Defense ICT industry and academia organizations were briefed on the coordinated effort the new strategy requires across the Defense ecosystem, ADF personnel and the Australian Public Service to industrial partners and the Defense supply chain.


“Protecting our national security and national interests is a key priority for the Albanian government, and defense needs modern, agile and secure information and communications technology for the ADF to operate effectively. in the modern battlespace”, said Deputy Minister Thistlethwaite.

The event fostered a common understanding of how industry and Defense can achieve the Defense mission through ICT and cybersecurity capabilities.

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Deputy Minister of Defense launches new ICT strategy


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