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Senator Amanda Stoker, the Deputy Minister for Women, shared her top tips for raising the profile of women in financial services.

The Federal Deputy Minister for Women has revealed her top tips for women in finance.

The former lawyer and member of the Liberal Party, who is also the Deputy Minister of Industrial Relations and Deputy Minister of the Attorney General, presented her advice to strengtheng representation of women in the financial sector following a virtual dinner on “How liberal values ​​can provide a fair chance for Australian women ”, hosted by the Aston 200 Club on September 8th.

In the interview – conducted by Paul Stone, the managing director of short-term commercial lender HomeSec Business Finance (which sponsored the Aston 200 Club dinner) – the deputy minister responsible for women suggested that much of the increase in the profile of women in the financial space was increasing the confidence of women already in space.

When asked what advice and encouragement she would give to professional women in the brokerage industry, she responded with the following advice:

Invest in you

“The first thing you can do is invest in yourself. Become as knowledgeable as possible, as confident as possible, and develop the skills to relate to each other [and] establish the relationships necessary to build a clientele or to obtain the networks you need within your profession to move forward ”, the said the Deputy Minister for Women.

Help others and ask for help

“We must also help each other. One of the best things you can do to help people in your profession is to simply train another woman. And you can do it whether you’re a guy or a woman, ”she added.

Ms Stoker revealed that some of the most important help she received in her professional growth came from men in the profession, adding: ‘There was no shortage of people who wanted to see women to succeed. Sometimes you needed to ask for that help, but it was there if you needed it. ”

Support you

The Deputy Minister for Women concluded that the third piece of advice was to “support yourself”.

“You have to do a great job and you have to bring it in. But if you are ready to do it and ready to make the necessary investment in yourself, your professional qualifications and your personal skills, there is no reason why you cannot really do well in everything. that you are considering, Mrs. Stoker said.

“But do notDon’t hesitate to reach out and build relationships with mentors and mentees, as well as people you admire. ThisIt’s gratifying for them to be able to give something back. And thats gratifying for you to be able to benefit from the experience of someone whoI’ve already done that.

Bring down the facade

When asked for her opinion on how women can build their resilience and confidence in a male-dominated workplace, the former lawyer and DPP prosecutor quoted former US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, declaring: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

She continued, “If you’re feeling intimidated, it’s something you allow to happen, whether it’s by being under-prepared or not building your confidence enough in what you’re doing. I am very attached to the personal responsibility aspect of this. And we can all take an active role in making ourselves better and better all the time.

“It’s not easy, nothing worth doing is easy. And I think one of the nicest things women can do for other women is to be honest that you might look like you’ve put it all together, but your house is actually dirty. and you’ve probably got too much dry shampoo in your hair, and it’s probably time to get out the dry cleaning and all that stuff …

“No one is perfect and we are all in the works. But I think if we let go of the facade of perfection and are a little more realistic about it, it would be easier for other women who are starting to see that their goals are quite achievable and a political contribution to them. women who wanting one is quite achievable.

“You have to work hard and that’s true of anything worth doing, but it’s totally within reach.”

Women contribute to the “overall level of professionalism”

Speaking to The Adviser after the interview, HomeSec CEO Mr Stone said he was determined to stand up for women in finance.

Mr Stone said: “As a lender I have seen firsthand the big job this is due to the growing number of professional women in the financial sector.

“The growing presence of women in finance has seen the overall level of professionalism increase across the industry.

“Plus, I don’t hide the fact that it never ceases to amaze me how super organized and focused our female counterparts are.”

The CEO of HomeSec Business Finance added that the interview was one of many conversations and meetings he has had with members of the Morrison government to represent and showcase the work of the mortgage community and brokers.

Mr. Stone told The Adviser: “Since joining the industry in 2004, I have met and befriended so many fantastic, hardworking and honest brokers. When the findings of the Royal Banking Commission were issued [in 2019], my heart sank for those men and women who worked so hard to build their brokerage business, only to see their livelihoods shattered.

“It was only three months away from a federal election, so I immediately started talking with government MPs to really get across the unfair aspects of the royal commission,” he said, adding that he had also attended several public meetings with politicians to ask them “in front of a room full of voters, what they intend to do to safeguard these means of subsistence”.

You can watch the full interview Paul Stone conducted with Amanda Stoker and Education and Youth Minister Alan Tudge, below.

This interview was originally posted here.

You can discover more tips on how to raise the profile of women in finance through the new Women in Finance hub, which includes reviews, ideas, profiles and opinion pieces from some of the top women. Australian finance.

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Deputy Minister for Women shares advice for women in finance

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