Monday, December 5 2022

As entertainment director of the Bunkhouse Saloon, Ryan Pardey often returned home when the sun began to rise. These days? “I got up at 4:30 a.m. [a.m.] today,” he said.

When the Bunkhouse, one of the busiest concert venues in downtown Las Vegas, closed in March 2020, Pardey had no way of knowing what effect the pandemic would have on the concert industry. But he already had alternative plans in place, having passed the Nevada real estate exam a few months earlier.

“I thought it was something I would do during the day while I was doing the serious business of rock ‘n’ roll at night,” says Pardey, also known on the Vegas scene for his band Halloween. Town and for his close association with The Killers. “But as we learned, the pandemic had different plans for all of us.”

With the Bunkhouse still closed, perhaps permanently, Pardey, 43, has fully embraced his new career, which he says is not as different from the old one as people might assume. “Every client is different, the same way every group is different,” he explains. “There are different personality types and different issues to try to work around and navigate.”

When Las Vegan Bryan Hainer started shopping for a new home in early 2021, he contacted Pardey, whom he had known from when he ran Cafe Espresso Roma near UNLV in the early 2000s.

“My wife and I didn’t have a great experience with our previous real estate agent. Ryan helped us find a very desirable home in the lakes within weeks,” says Hainer. “He helped connect us with a lender, with people on the ground. … It was painless. It’s a natural.

Pardey’s arrival on the real estate scene coincided with a record market. “When I became an agent, I think there were about 4,000 ads, and now I think there are about 2,000 – about three weeks of inventory – and there are 20,000 agents competing for these announcements,” he said. “If you are representing a seller, selling the house will be no problem. But if you are representing a buyer, it can be very difficult.

Still, he says, the experience has been mostly positive, especially as it expands beyond the city center into different parts of town and different types of homes.

“I thought I would specialize in Paradise Palms and McNeil [Estates] and those kind of neighborhoods, but when the phone rings, I answer,” says Pardey, who started with eXp Realty before recently joining Real Broker. “I sold to Spanish Trails in Summerlin. My first sale was on the east side. I have a listing in North Las Vegas. And I’m about to do one at Calico Basin, which will be my first big luxury ad.

Ultimately, Pardey says, he hopes to get involved in commercial real estate and potentially merge that with his love for the Las Vegas music scene.

“I will continue to sell residential homes, but I think you will soon see me moving back downtown, where I can use real estate as a vehicle to maybe get involved in a concert hall.”

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