Wednesday, June 29 2022

KOLKATA (Reuters) – Police made the first arrest on Wednesday evening for the murders of senior executive Subir Chaki and his driver Robin Mandal, coming close to solving the two murders. Chaki and his driver were found brutally murdered in the leader’s house in Golpark on Sunday evening.
Mithu Haldar, a 42-year-old woman who works as a housekeeper, was picked up from her rented accommodation in Diamond Harbor for conspiring with her eldest son Vicky, the main accused, and attempting to destroy evidence by washing his blood. .

Mithu told cops after prolonged questioning that his son and his friends initially attacked Chaki with the intention of looting, but ended up stabbing him and the driver to death after the executive recognized Vicky.
According to law enforcement sources, Vicky, who is a small broker in Diamond Harbor, had come across an ad that Chaki had placed for the sale of the house some time ago. He then contacted Chaki and toured the house, knowing full well that reaching a valuable deal was beyond him. He had visited the neighborhood again a few days ago and learned that the house was still unsold. He then hatched a plot to threaten and plunder Chaki. CCTV footage also showed them entering Chaki’s home, the sources said.

Domestic help stopped

As a result, Vicky posed as a potential buyer and set a date with Chaki for Sunday night. When Chaki opened the door to show him the house, Vicky and her friends threatened him with a knife and attempted to loot him. The plan went awry when Chaki recognized Vicky, whom he had met earlier. Realizing that he had been exposed and could be caught by cops later, Vicky lashed out at Chaki with the knife, resulting in fatal injuries. Since driver Mandal was a witness, he was also killed.
Chaki’s wallet, ring and gold chain were recovered from Mithu’s residence in Diamond Harbor, the sources said, but Vicky and her friends are on the run, changing hiding places and changing phones.
Vicky and Mithu were arrested earlier but released on bail for trying to kill Mithu’s husband.
According to Mithu, his son and his friends took a train from Ballygunge station and told him everything that had happened. The sniffer dog deployed by the detective service had led the cops to Ballygunge station from the scene of the crime. Mithu confessed that she took Vicky’s bloodstained clothes and washed them. The owner of the house, however, spotted her rubbing the stains.
Joint (crime) CP Murlidhar Sharma said a hunt was underway to catch the accused. Diamond Harbor Police sources claimed Mithu’s youngest son and a relative, believed to be his brother, had been arrested, but senior Lalbazar officers refused to confirm this.
Police claimed they used mobile tracking to reach Dimond Harbor on Tuesday evening, but were only able to focus on Mithu in the Kopathatt area on Wednesday with help from local police. Police have also identified a third suspect from Sonarpur. His phone is currently off. Sources said this person served as a link between Chaki’s driver and potential buyers.
Throughout the day, however, the cops continued to hunt down the other defendants involved in the crime. Cops also summoned at least three real estate agents from Gariahat and Salt Lake to record their statements at Lalbazar. Police sources said they had all, at some point, shown interest in Gariahat’s property.
(With contributions from Monotosh Chakraborty at Diamond Harbor)


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