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Roopler’s Ashley is a smart assistant designed to help real estate professionals do what other lead management systems can’t: nurture and cultivate cold leads.

IRVINE, CA, USA, June 23, 2022 / — How Ashley Helps Real Estate Professionals

Over the past decade, the cost of buying leads online has increased, and so has the competition. Leads that once cost just a few dollars now cost hundreds of dollars. There are also more real estate agents competing for fewer leads in a historically low inventory market. Fortunately, Ashley has a solution.

With Ashley’s help, agents, brokers, and teams can revive previously purchased or found leads, whether they’re six months old or ten years old.

“For years, I’ve searched for a platform designed to help organize, rekindle, and convert old leads,” says Roopler co-founder Kevin Markarian, a top-selling agent and established broker based in California. . “Because no one else was building this platform, I eventually teamed up with digital marketing expert Roop Gill to do it myself. That’s how Ashley came into the world, and now , we are excited to share Ashley with real estate professionals across the country.

The Ashley Difference

When you subscribe to Roopler’s Ashley, you’ll feel like you’re onboarding a very capable new team member. Best of all, Ashley works 24/7 to help you find and nurture clients and ultimately close more deals. With Ashley, agents can:

– Recover value: revives cold leads to convert previous investments into revenue.

– Save time: Ashley takes care of discussions and research, creating detailed dossiers on potential clients, while agents focus on everything else, including showing properties and closing deals.

– Save Money: As the cost of buying new leads continues to rise on established portal sites, the cost of lead review with Ashley is very affordable; agents only pay 90 cents per lead provided and only $4 for any leads that are verified (i.e. one that receives an affirmative response from a customer).

Praises from industry leaders

Giovanni Santa Ana, Associate Broker at Move4Free Realty, is enthusiastic about Ashley’s ability to engage potential buyers and sellers: “Ashley is great and the way Ashley interacts is very professional. It makes people interact, and that’s all we want. Once someone interacts, you can pick up the phone and connect.

Eric Pearson, president of Pearson Smith Realty, agrees that Ashley is a great addition to any team. “At the end of this conversation about AI, some people may think, ‘Take me back to Ashley because we had a great conversation!'” Pearson says. “The dialogue is continuous and gets very in-depth and pulls in a lot of information, so when the agent comes in, you already know exactly what’s going on, and it’s like it’s been converted for you.”

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How to nurture real estate leads with Ashley, Roopler’s AI-powered nurturing and nurturing solution


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