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Alderbrook Golf Course closed ‘indefinitely’ on October 31, 2021 with as little as a day’s notice and since then the Tillamook County golf community has been stunned and shocked as they now have to go to Gearhart, Lincoln City, Manzanita and even as far as Salem to find a game.

This year, the Tillamook High School golf team had to travel to Banks every day for practice and no games could be played at home. In fact, the Banks course became the Mooks’ home course for the 2022 season.

Others are confused about the fate of the course, due to very little feedback from owners or management.

When the Headlight Herald contacted management last fall after the facility closed, they told the Herald, “Our only statement is what is written on the sign,” referring to the sign posted on the outside fence stating “Closed indefinitely”.

Obviously the grounds are still mowed and maintained but the gates remain locked and the signs have not changed until a new For Sale sign was recently attached to the front of the fence near the closed sign and certain marketing materials have become available. giving new insight into lesson plans.

Along with Tod Breslau, Principal Commercial Broker, who now appears on the list, as well as Kaitlyn Laviolette, Broker – Breslau is the Principal Commercial Broker for Premier Property Group, the same company that has held the listing since it went up for sale.

The listing says the asking price is set at $4.9 million. It goes on to say, “Now closed and available as residential development property, comprising over 149 acres of pastoral and woodland property, with stream and water features, ideal for residential development,” the listing reads. “The seller must provide rights to allow the subdivision of the property and the construction of 27 single family residences on separate parcels of 2 to 5 acres and more.

“The property comes complete with a high-end commercial structure, previously used as a stunning 12,000 square foot restaurant and clubhouse, as well as an existing single-family home.”

According to Tillamook County Community Development Manager Sarah Absher, Alderbrook Golf Course is divided into two categories; Rural residential and also zoned as a rural recreation area.

“The 2-acre rural residential zoning and recreation management districts allow for residential development,” Absher said. “Residential development is permitted outright in the rural residential area and conditionally permitted in the recreation management area. Given the large area of ​​the combined properties, residential development may be feasible – feasibility is determined through land use review processes.

The sales material also indicates existing plans: “The seller has an existing proposed site plan for 27 lots with spacious lot sizes, high-end existing amenities, a 12,000 square foot restaurant and clubhouse are comes with the property, along with other attractive buildings and features.”

Locals are starting to voice concerns over the closure and a lack of information about what will happen to their home course, while some are offering ideas.

“I would like to propose that Tillamook County purchase the Alderbrook Golf Course,” Allison Asbjornen wrote in a recent opinion piece in the Headlight Herald. “Why you might be wondering. Well it’s historic, almost 100 years old, and while Tillamook County offers many truly outstanding outdoor activities, hiking, canoeing, surfing, bird watching, again and again, golf is something to enjoy. has many.”

Local golfer John Cook used golf as a means of exercise.

“A lot of us guys and girls who played at Alderbrook need to shed the pounds we’ve gained since the course closed,” Cook said. “We need golf practice.”

Retired David Bailey joins the many who are unsure if the course can be sold for other purposes.

“Since the gates to Alderbrook Golf Course were locked months ago, rumors and hearsay have painted a confusing picture for those who care about the course and want it to reopen,” wrote Bailey in an opinion piece in the Headlight Herald. “Many fear the land will be sold for other purposes or simply never reopen.”


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