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When prospects enter your CRM platform, it’s natural to want to focus on the individuals who present the greatest opportunity for current business. However, as the leads keep coming in – whether you’ve identified them as good, bad, or somewhere in between – anyone in your database who isn’t contacted has the potential to be your next. customer.

Many successful teams have started integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their business to reach and nurture every prospect. When it comes to AI, here are five criteria items for evaluating AI tools on the market. (Keep in mind that these qualifications focus on AI for lead conversion, as there is now a broad use case for AI.)

Does this AI understand the Why and the what?

As a real estate agent, you are at the center of every transaction. That’s why you need to deploy AI that focuses on the what and the why. Many scripts or AI bots focus on extracting features about the house, such as number of beds/bathrooms, location, etc. These scripts lead the agent-client relationship to be transactional rather than relational. By better understanding the motivation of the home buyer or seller, you can create a stronger relationship. CINC AI was designed to focus on the why, not the what.

How does this AI integrate with your CRM or third-party tools?

Real estate companies work with many different technologies. In many cases, too many solutions make it difficult for agents to adopt each software and can create data integrity issues. AI built right into your CRM gives you the power to have one tool to train agents and all data in one place. The more information the AI ​​knows about the customer (viewed properties, purchase time, etc.), the better the AI ​​will ask questions.

Can this AI use drip campaigns to track?

AI typically serves as the initial connection point after a lead is registered. It is important to find an AI solution that engages at the time of registration when website behavior increases and feeds through a tracking campaign. Your follow-up should be sent when the consumer has taken the best combination of actions (for example, after visiting the same property four times). A follow-up drip campaign helps you stay on top of consumers’ minds (even when they’re not ready). The longer AI drip campaigns run, the more successful they are in generating agent-ready leads.

When does this AI respond to leads?

As a busy agent, being able to connect with every prospect as soon as they register is a difficult task. AI can be used as a backup when you’re on the go. AI does not replace you but makes you more powerful to convert leads online. In the market, some AIs can be enabled/disabled depending on your team’s office hours. AI works 24/7, even while you sleep. This allows your customers to get help while they search, then sign in for the next steps.

Is this AI bilingual?

If you are in a multilingual community, it is not always easy to recruit and retain bilingual agents. Additionally, it can be difficult to recognize prospects in your database who may not speak English. AI can be used as a tool to help you identify and lead conversations with non-English speaking customers.

CINC AI is a solution designed to leverage the agent’s ability to build human relationships. CINC customers who deploy CINC AI have seen the number of customers moved to the rendezvous state of their pipeline double. As technology advances, AI will continue to be invaluable to agents leveraging it, not only to be transactional, but also to build trust with buyers and sellers.


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