Saturday, November 27 2021

While the U.S. economy has yet to fully recover from the impact of the pandemic, there are still jobs to fill. In fact, as of May 2021, there were 9.2 million job postings, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Yet many job seekers struggle to find the right job in today’s market. In fact, in a recent FlexJobs survey, 48% of job seekers said they were frustrated with the job search process. If you’re a part of that statistic, here are some tactics to try.

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1. Network like crazy

Spending your days combing through online job openings may not allow you to find the right positions to apply for. On top of that, make time in your schedule for networking. Pick up the phone and contact former colleagues. See what they are doing and ask if they can update you on any job opportunities they know about.

Then repeat the process with your friends, former college professors, neighbors, and extended family members. If you can’t call everyone you know individually (which, let’s face it, probably is), write an email to let your contacts know what kind of role you’re looking for and what experience you’re looking for. already have. The key is to reach as many people as possible so that they can help you with your job search.

2. Rethink your CV and cover letter

You may be looking for a career change. And this is something that could prove to be very rewarding. But if your resume and cover letter is focused on the type of job you had (or currently have), they might not be able to get you into the type of business you want.

If you are having difficulty in your job search, it may be time to review your resume. Take a look and see if the skills you are highlighting match the jobs you hope to get. Likewise, if your cover letter is a pretty catch-all note that talks about what you’re a hard worker, take it up a notch. Explain in detail some of the things that you are passionate about. And if you’re looking to make a big change, explain why.

3. Consider starting your own business

While there are clearly a lot of jobs available, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a hard time finding the one you want. But if you know what this role looks like, why not create it yourself?

Say that you would really like to work for a PR company, but none of them seem to be hiring. If you have the skills, start your own public relations business.

It may take a while for you to build up a business, and you may need to temporarily take on another part-time job to generate income. For example, you might have to drive for a rideshare business a few hours a day to make money – unless you have a healthy savings account you can tap into while you start your business. The point, however, is that if you can’t find the right opportunities, do them yourself.

Finding a new job can be a frustrating experience, even at the best of times. If you are having difficulty, try changing your approach. It could pave the way for success – and a rewarding role that you can hold onto for a long time.

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